Curriculum Based

Small groups will be kicking September 30th
with some curriculum subject to change.


Time: 9:30AM

Leader:  John Melnik

Location: The Springs Rm 200

Contact:  417-234-2196,

Type of Group:  Parents of Preschoolers


Time: 9:30AM

Leader:  Spencer Kohout

Location: The Springs Rm 116

Type of Group:  College



Time:  6:30PM Beginning Oct. 1st

Leader:  Aaron Chisholm

Contact:  417-396-6311,

Type of Group:  Married w/ Children

Study:  Book Study




Time: 3:00PM Beginning Oct. 2nd

Leader:  Peggy Zimmer and Nancy Finkbeiner

Location: The Springs Rm 114

Contact: 417-886-9124 (Peggy) or 575-637-9084 (Nancy)

Type of Group:  Our purpose is to gather people together to equip and send them out to extend ongoing care to people in need at The Springs.



Time: 7:00PM

Leader:  Lawson Albey

Location:  Rotates

Contact: 501-317-2371

Type of Group:  Couples

Current StudyLove that Lasts book study



Time: 10:30AM

Leader:  Daryl Soey

Location: The Springs Rm 117

Type of Group:  Open Prayer Group


Time: 6:30PM Every Other Wed. Beginning Sept. 26th

Leader:  Ted and Lori Nickel

Location: The Springs Rm 200

Contact:  417-827-3943,

Type of Group:  Parenting


Time: 6:30PM Beginning Sept. 26th

Leader:  Donnae Grimm and Kim Farris

.Location:  The Springs Rm 120

Contact: 417-353-0878 (Donnae)

Type of Group:  Women

Current Study:  Job:  A Story of Unlikely Joy by Lisa Harper


Time: 6:30PM

Leader:  Anna Grimm and Liz Logan

.Location:  The Springs Rm 117

Contact: 417-612-3150 (Anna),

Type of Group:  Moms in Prayer