Community Groups


Community Groups
Meet on Sunday at The Springs at 11:00 AM

Big churches are great places. They offer effective preaching, dynamic music, diverse programs, well-equipped facilities, and multiple staff to meet many needs. But people can feel lost in a big church. There are so many people, so many things going on. How do you get to know people with whom you can be friends, pray and share your life?

At The Springs it is our purpose to help people know and follow Jesus one step at a time. We believe that connecting people to the Lord and each other is a Biblical process that is essential toward accomplishing this purpose. The Community Group philosophy of ministry seeks to have these mid-sized groups (ideally 15 to 60 people) function like ‘mini-churches’ within the bigger church body. There is a mix of ages, but normally Community Groups are organized by similar life stage. Some groups are multi-generational or have some other special interest or passion that draws them together in community. In the context of these communities “body life” takes place.

Biblical references for this philosophy include John 17:20-23, Acts 2:42-47, the “one another” passages of the New Testament; Ephesians 4:12-16 and Hebrews 10:24-25.


Connections–Not Currently Meeting

This is a group for singles, young professionals through parents with school age children, AND anyone else who would like to attend. We will have a rotation of topics by various teachers, staff, elders and our current community group leaders to teach a variety of six-week topics.

Homebuilders–Room 114

A Community Group committed to developing relationships in a way that enables people to face the needs and challenges from a biblical perspective.

Life Builders–Room 120

A Community Group that involves all ages. We see ourselves as God’s hands (so to speak) in visibly displaying His grace to one another on Sunday mornings and throughout the week.

Transitions– Room 124

A Community Group of empty-nesters seeking to explore the next transition of life. Come join this unique blend of folks seeking to deepen our relationship with God and each other and have fun doing so. There are also opportunities for social gatherings outside Sunday mornings.



Community Groups

What happens in a Community Group?

In Community Groups, you…

  • DISCOVER from Bible study and personal discussion on Sundays, and small group studies during the week.
  • FELLOWSHIP with others informally and at planned social gatherings.
  • CARE for each other through prayer, encouragement and service when needs arise.
  • GROW spiritually, as you become an active part of the body of Christ and begin reaching out to others, bringing them to the Community Group.

When do they meet?

Community Groups are offered from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM, between our two Sunday morning worship services.

Can I choose which one to attend?

YES! You choose the place that’s right for you. Community Groups are organized in various life stations based on age of children, length of marriage, life experiences, marital status, as well as a desire for more intergenerational relationships. It is up to you to make the decision of where to plug in. We encourage you to visit the one that looks like it will best meet your needs.

Who leads Community Groups?

A Community Group is led by a team of lay people working together to accomplish the objectives previously mentioned. The team normally consists of a Teacher/Leader, Outreach Coordinator and Fellowship Coordinator. Other positions may be created as needed by the group.

How do I get involved?

You may get involved by talking to the contact person of a particular Community Group, or by simply visiting a group that interests you on Sunday morning. See what Community Groups are available at First Free.