How do I get involved?

You may get involved by talking to the contact person of a particular Community Group, or by simply visiting a group that interests you on Sunday morning. See what Community […]

Who leads Community Groups?

A Community Group is led by a team of lay people working together to accomplish the objectives previously mentioned. The team normally consists of a Teacher/Leader, Outreach Coordinator and Fellowship […]

Can I choose which one to attend?

YES! You choose the place that’s right for you. Community Groups are organized in various life stations based on age of children, length of marriage, life experiences, marital status, as […]

When do they meet?

Community Groups are offered from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM, between our two Sunday morning worship services.

What happens in a Community Group?

In Community Groups, you… DISCOVER from Bible study and personal discussion on Sundays, and small group studies during the week. FELLOWSHIP with others informally and at planned social gatherings. CARE […]