The name First Evangelical Free Church is a name that is rich with meaning.   Evangelical  means that we are commitment to the Gospel and the authority of the Bible, and those two things are very important to us.

The word “free” originally in Europe, meant free from state control. All churches in the EFCA are free to govern themselves instead of being governed at the state level.  But the word “free’ and the way it is used in our culture, has become very confusing.

The word ‘free” in our culture today means the “absences of”.   Consider how the term free is used:

Caffeine Free – No caffeine

Germ Free – No germs

Sugar Free – No sugar

Care Free – No worries

Gluten Free – No gluten or wheat

Evangelical Free – No Evangelicals.  This has become an increasing common conversation.  However this is NOT what our name means at all.

When people and culture change, meaning can be lost.  We believe that is true of the name Evangelical Free.

In the near future, we will be identified by a new name.  Our congregation has approved the process to identify a new name that is simple, short and easy to remember.

We hope that a new name will be identify by the fall of 2016.