Sermon Based


Sermon Based Small Groups

 Sermon based groups build on the sermon as the basis for their study and in doing so offer an opportunity for deeper study, reflection and application of the message.  The focus of sermon based small groups is to Velcro people to the two things the Lord uses in the lives of people – His Word and His people. Although sermon based groups go through the same study, they have a different flavor depending on the leader, and what is going on in the lives those who are a part of the group.

Below is a list of Sermon Based Small Groups: 


Time:  TBA

Leader:  Mark Gill

Location: TBA, Ozark

Contact: 459-3806,

Type of Group:  Mixed


Time: 6:00pm

Leader:  Fred Farris

Location: 5290 S. Whitmore, Springfield

Contact: 844-4957,

Type of Group:  Mixed


Time:  TBA

Leader:  Josh Zinner

Location: 6209 S. Haynes Ave.  Ozark, MO

Contact: 816-550-1615

Type of Group:  Mixed



Time:  5:45PM

Leader:  Bill Bowler

Location: 4251 E. Oak Knoll St, Springfield

Contact: 417-319-5769

Type of Group:  Mixed



Time: 6:30pm

Leader:  David Ashley

Location: 4276 Paint Horse Lane, Rogersville

Contact:  350-3258


Time: 7:00PM

Leader:  John Rice

Location: 515 S. Pepperhill Drive, Nixa

Contact:  234-6627


Time: 7:00pm

Leader:  Mike Vennekotter

Contact:  942-8418

Type of Group:  Mixed